What makes a photo sellable?

Who Is It?

Obviously the bigger the celebrity the more money the right shot can command. Ultimately the value to the publications is based on the public’s interest in this person.

When Was It?

Timing is crucial. The first shot of a celebrity with their new partner, the first shot out with a baby, or even sporting a new hairstyle or fashion. Nothing improves value like an exclusive!

Where Is It?

Seen a celebrity when you are on holiday? Caught someone somewhere they shouldn’t be? The context is important.

What Is It?

Is it an everyday occurrence, or a once in a lifetime event?.

Multiple Photographs

If a picture tells a thousand words, a set of six can write a magazine. It gives more context and it’s generally more desirable for the media as it’s easier to build a story around a set. Of course, one photograph can still be sold, but if you have the opportunity, run off a bunch.

Keep it Current

Timing is crucial, we only want your brand new photographs and videos. If you’ve got a photo of a megastar you snapped Christmas shopping last year, you’ve missed the boat. Next time, you’ll quickly submit it to The Snitcher Desk.

Clear, Close Shooting

It’s no good if you have to tell us who someone in the distance is. Zoom in, or get closer if you don’t have a zoom – approaching Russell Crowe is at your own risk.

Newsworthy Celebrities

Even if you love Cannon and Ball, unfortunately the media isn’t likely to agree. We can try and sell anything, but be realistic. Eddie the Eagle isn’t newsworthy; current TV stars, sportspeople, pop stars, models, actors and actresses are. Just think if you’d expect to see these people on TV or in magazines at the moment. If the answer is yes, what are you still reading this for? Go to the submit form immediately!

Get The Best Picture Quality

The higher the picture quality, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to get a better price for it. Make sure that you set your camera to the highest resolution before filming your shots.


Make sure you supply photographs in their original form, do not alter anything, including the colour. Try to supply colour photographs as opposed to black and white, if possible.

What we don’t want

Here’s When I Met My Hero…

A picture of you with your arm around a celebrity is fun for you, but unless you are about to get all Mark Chapman-esque on us, the media won’t care. (note: The Snitcher Desk does not condone or encourage the use of guns when shooting celebrities).

The Back Of Someone’s Head

Even if it’s a nice head, please make sure that you have a clear (frontal) view of whomever the work is of.

The Same Shot As Everyone Else

If you see Tom Cruise on the street in London, that’s great. However, if it’s at Leicester Square for a premier, chances are that the world’s media already assembled there will get the shot themselves.


We don’t want celebrities doing what they do, we want them doing what everyone does! A picture of Liam Gallagher on stage is not what we are looking for, but a shot of him in Prada buying new clothes or a shot of him beating up a random is all good. Even a celebrity in public, we would rather have a picture of them drinking a coffee, than signing autographs for fans.

Respect the Law

Make Sure It’s Legal

One of the fundamental requirements for us to sell photographs on your behalf, is that the work actually belong to you. Don’t think you are being clever by submitting a video you spotted on youtube or a photograph one of your mates sent you. Not only must it suck having you as a friend, you have no legal right to do this. Tip them off about us, and do a deal with them on how many pints they owe you when they get paid. It’s only your copyright, if you actually took it.

You Must Also Respect Issues Regarding Privacy

“Well, most of them are attention seekers anyway” doesn’t really stand up in a court of law, so be sensible about it. There is a grey area on privacy in the UK, and no specific guidelines but other countries can be very strict. However, you shouldn’t be taking photos while on someone’s private property or in a private event.


You should be aware that some events and venues may restrict the use of cameras. Even if you manage to take a great shot, if it is in breach of the rules, we are not able to sell it for you. If you do submit a photo that was obtained illegally and lie about it, you could end up being sued for a lot of money. If you’re genuinely unsure, just askus.

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