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Celebrities are all around us and are a valuable commodity in this media driven world. The often lauded celebrity lifestyle is one that would not exist without the recognition and acceptance it receives from us – the general public.

However, it’s not just the celebrity imagery in its full airbrushed glory that is all round us. So are the people behind the on-screen personas. They still shop the same high streets as us, they drink in the same bars, walk in the same parks and go to the same gyms. Whether we love to love them, or love to loathe them, our society’s thirst for them is insatiable.

In this forever advancing digital age, we at The Snitcher Desk are adding a new dynamic to the public/celebrity relationship. A new paradigm that in fact benefits both sides, but primarily lets you get a slice of the action. A call to arms for a public paparazzi kitted out with ever improving mobile phones and digital cameras, and an opportunity to make some easy money.

What the Snitcher Desk is all about is taking these celebrities from the public view into the public viewfinder, and turning megapixels into megabucks. So, if you get the right shot, we’ll get you the right price.

The Selection Process…

When you submit your photographs and videos, a member of The Snitcher Desk team will quickly review them and be in touch to let you know if your work is suitable.

If we are able to market your work, The Snitcher Desk will rapidly make your submissions available to the world’s media. We achieve this through our large network of proffesional photo agency partners based in every major country in the world.

From this point, all of the world’s major press will have access to view and purchase your work. For this purpose, we require exclusive rights to your work for a minimum of 90 days. After this period you can chose to remove it exclusively from our network.

If we don’t believe we can sell your work, you will be free to publish it elsewhere.

Show me the Money

If your photographs or videos are sold, 50% is split between The Snitcher Desk (and our partner agencies) and 50% is paid to you.

It could be that your work hits the headlines the very next day or it could be that it is held in an archive and used a few months down the line.

When we sell your work, we’ll contact you to find out your Paypal account address. You will receive payment as soon as we receive the money from our partner agencies. It is normal for it to take 4-5 months for us to receive payment, but you should be aware it could be up to 6 months depending on the publication. In any case we’ll keep you up to date with all activity as we hear it from our agents. If you don’t have one already, we recommend you setup a PayPal account to accept secure fast payments. It’s free to setup and it takes very little time.

We market to Every major publication in the world

We work with the largest leading photo agencies around the world ensuring your pics get complete global coverage (in a very short space of time).

Sell your celebrity pics