Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about selling your celebrity pictures through the Snitcher Desk…

What is The Snitcher Desk?

The Snitcher Desk is the easiest way to turn your celebrity videos and photos into cash. Working for you to get your shots out to the media as quickly and far reaching as possible, therefore maximising their value. Kerching!


Why Should I Use The Snitcher Desk Instead Of Attempting To Go Directly To The Press Myself?

The Snitcher Desk has formed an alliance with a large network of partner photo agencies based in every major country in the world. When you submit your photograph to The Snitcher Desk, and it chooses to market your work, we don’t just make it available to one local publication – we make it available to every major publication Worldwide within moments. In addition to the distribution, selling media is something of an art form. Our partner agencies have years of experience negotiating top dollar deals with the big boys- remember, everybody is working on a commission – it’s in everybody’s interest to get the highest possible price for your photos…What are you waiting for?


How Do I Submit My Work?

It is as simple as most Premiership Footballers, just follow the instructions step by step on our submissions page.


How Much Can I Make?

Unfortunately this is a bit of a “how long is a piece of string” question. It depends whom the photo/video is of, where it is, when it is, what’s happening in it and the overall quality. Generally photos will make their money, however much it is, quickly in the daily or weekly publications. Some things such as shots showing fashions, can remain relevant for months. It’s in our interest to get you as much as possible. That’s all we can promise you.


If your work is sold, 50% is split between The Snitcher Desk and our partner agencies and 50% is paid to you.


It could be that your photographs hit the headlines the very next day or it could be that they are held in an archive and used a few months down the line.


When And How Will I Get Paid?

As soon as the money reaches us, the transfer will be made. We can transfer immediately into your PayPal account. When this is will depend on when and where the photos are used. It is normal for it to take several months for us to receive payment, but you should be aware it could take over 6 months. We will always endeavour to give you the most up to date information we can.


How Will I know My Work Has Sold?

Our partner agencies will keep close tabs on usage, both in terms of who has accessed the photos, and of how they have used them but unless they’re large exclusives, these reports often come with the collection reports several months down the line. We will pass all the information we receive from our agencies on to you.


What Can I Do With My Work After Submitting?

Whilst of course you can show it to your mates, it is essential that you do not sell or use it for commercial purposes elsewhere. This is the way it has to work to avoid more than one party trying to sell the same photograph, possibly to the same people! This would only serve to push the price of your photograph down. So, we hope you choose to use The Snitcher Desk, but be aware that once we are selling your photo for you, neither you, nor anyone else can for a minimum of 90 days.


Can I Show My Work On Social Networks?

Do not publish any of your work on any social networks within the 90 day sales period.  Images and videos are easily stolen from social networks which means your work may end up being taken and sold by other people.


What Publications Do We Sell To?

Through our partner agencies, your photographs and videos will be available to every publication that wants them. This will include daily, weekly, and monthly publications and broadcasters, as well as on-line.


What We DO Want?

We want multiple, clear, in-focus photographs and videos of Celebrities that are CURRENTLY newsworthy. Take a look at our Tips page for more info.


What We DON’T Want?

Other than the opposite of what we want, we also don’t want…
Fake photos/videos – no look-a-likes or photoshop specials. If you are lucky and get past us and to print, you may get sued.
Illegal Photos/Videos – We aren’t telling you to ask the person in the photos for their permission, but we aren’t interested in photos you got from hiding out behind Paris Hilton’s sofa. Just be sensible about it, don’t go harassing people or trespassing on their property. Take a look at our Tips page for more info.


Somebody elses work – They must belong to you.


What About A Set Or Series Of Photos?

Yes please. Always get a series of photographs if you possibly can. It’s better for you – you’ll make more cash, and it’s better for us as there will be more demand for them. If you have a series of more than one photo, upload the best 3 and email the rest across to us (by replying to the email you receive or by sending them through file sharing services like Dropbox).


How Many Photographs And Videos Can I Send?

You can keep coming back as often as you want. If you have a set or series of photos, submit the best two and email the rest across to us (by replying to the email you receive or by sending them through file sharing services like Dropbox).


What Resolution Is Preferred?

Whilst the actual print resolution used by newspapers and magazines is relatively low, the higher the resolution you can provide the better. They may want to use it for a large print and have to blow it up. Supplying them in a higher than necessary resolution is not going to be problem. However, too low a resolution can be. We would ideally prefer images at around 1-2mb per photo.


How Long Will It Take To Upload My Work?

Depending on the file size of the photos or video you’re submitting, and your Internet connection speed, it could take anywhere between 30 seconds and 20 minutes for a photo or video to upload. If you experience browser time-out problems, please contact us and we’ll arrange another method of submitting them.


How Will I know It Worked?

After you successfully submit your work you will receive confirmation through the website, and an email to the e-mail address you have provided. After that, we’ll be in touch with you within a day or two to let you know if we think we can sell them.


What Info Do We Need?

For every photograph or video submitted, we need to know who the subject is, where it was taken, when it was taken and all other info requested on our submit form. Make sure you fill us in with as much detail as possible.


How Long Will The Snitcher Desk Keep My Work For?

When you submit your work you grant us an exclusive licence to sell them on your behalf for 90 days. During this period you may not sell or market your work to anybody else. After this period, at your request, you can downgrade this to a non-exclusive license. This means you will be free to sell your work through other channels and agents if you so choose. For as long as it remains exclusive on our database though, the more you stand a chance of making long term sales.


How Do I Know You Are Not Going To Do A Runner With My Work?

When you submit your work to The Snitcher Desk, you need to agree to our Terms & Conditions which protect the rights and copyright of your photographs and videos. They’re basically an agreement between us and you which secure peace of mind from both sides. We suggest you have a good read through them to put any potential worries to rest.

We market to Every major publication in the world

We work with the largest leading photo agencies around the world ensuring your pics get complete global coverage (in a very short space of time).

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