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Questions for the team? We’re here to help but please check the following before sending over a message:

Want to negotiate selling your work?

We’re in the best position to help you sell your work but please be aware that we do not buy any photos upfront – we syndicate them all over the world to guarantee a global sales market for your work.  Our agents who sell photos professionally, negotiate on your behalf and  get the best possible price.  All this happens the moment you secure your copyright and send over your work.  So please don’t contact us if you want try to negotiate with us direct on haggling a fee for your pics  

Contact us to check on sales progress

We’ll let you know the moment we receive any sales news back from our agents.  If you haven’t heard from us, then it’s highly likely that your work has either not sold or sales have not yet been collected.  It takes several months for collected sales to come through from publications so please be patient and we’ll contact you the moment we receive any news

Spotted your pictures in the press?

That’s great!  It sounds like they’ve sold and we’ll come back to you with details as soon as the sales show up in our collected sales reports. But please remember it usually takes several months for collected sales to come back so please be patient. If it’s been over 6 months since you’ve seen you work published, then please contact us and we’ll chase this up for you.

I want to sell my celebrity pics

Got some photos to sell? Then get the process moving – follow the link below and let’s get them sent away for rapid selling around the world…


The Snitcher Desk is owned and operated by Freak Marketing Limited.  We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland and work with agents around the world to ensure a global service.

Freak UK, 111 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4JN, United Kingdom

Registered UK Company – SC201037

We market to Every major publication in the world

We work with the largest leading photo agencies around the world ensuring your pics get complete global coverage (in a very short space of time).

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